Taking care of your teams is the smartest way to succeed.
Certified wellness and health professionals helping your team to reach their physical, nutritionist, and mental potential.

Let’s make it happen!

1. Boost your corporate wellness and health for all your team.

2. Less absenteeism means higher productivity.

3. Create a better prevention culture through data.

How can we reach a complete Wellness Ecosystem?

We implement preventive actions to create new empowering habits, helping you to strengthen 3 main points.

Measurement and strengthening of physical state

Build an illness prevention culture where collaborators have access to health specialists to identify, reduce risks, and treat chronic illnesses that affect their performance and life.

Higher mental state and personal motivational

We team up with you to take care of the mental integrity of your coworkers so we can know, order, and boost their emotional control.

Nutritional support and healthy lifestyle

Let's implement a complete health ecosystem to improve the feeding habits and physical activation that your team needs. From weight loss programs to corporal training.

The most complete platform to measure the wellness and health of your collaborators

A good decision making depends on the amount of real-time information you have.

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This is how we get big goals!

Preliminary examination and Training

All the members are trained about the use of Smart Doctor platform. We also invite all the members to take a preliminary examination to get valuable insights about the starting point in their health state.

Activation talks to ensure all members are on board

Monthly agenda to promote healthy habits and inform your colleagues about wellness and health topics.

Monthly reports and improvement suggestions

We measure your main wellness KPIs to discover how to improve your strategy. We suggest new actions that allow everybody to get, step by step, better results.

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